Sunday, July 19, 2009

Still here!

Hello again!!! It's been while hasn't it? Well it's summer and we are always on the go. The girls and I spent a week in June in the Outer Banks for my mom's 50th bday. It was a very relaxing trip. Unfortunately Johnny was not able to go with us due to Romito's but we had a good time anyways.
Kennedy was playing tball at the beginning of the summer too. Her and Johnny are also taking karate class. JOhnny has decided to go back and get his black belt and Kennedy just started a few months ago with all her cousins. She is really enjoying it!! Kennedy also spend a week at St. Barnabas for vacation bible school and she had a great time. Now she is starting Safety Town tomorrow for 8 days. This girls is CRAZY!!! She always has something going on.
I have great news about Reagan!!!! She is officially potty trained and we couldnt be happier. She has also learned how to ride her bike this week. She is growing up so quickly I can't believe it!!!
As for me, I am busy getting ready to be a bridesmaid in Robyn's wedding. She and Bryan are getting married on August 29th. We are headed to Put in Bay in a few weeks for her bacholorette party so that should be a good time. Although I am pretty nervous...I have never left Johnny and the girls to go out of town before.
Johnny is working quite a bit but Romito's is starting to pick up so that is very good news!

Until next time...bye!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Relay for Life

Hi Everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that Lisa & I will be walking in the Relay for Life walk on June 5th & 6th. Romito's is selling moons & suns for $1. They are posted all over the walls and it is so exciting to see it! This Fri & Sat (May 22 & 23) Romito's is also donating $1 from every Large pizza we sell to the American Cancer Society. Spread the word and stop in. Everyone knows how important this cause is to us and we are really excited to help! If anyone is interested in making a donation please let me know!!!! See you soon!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi Everyone! Major changes are going on in our lives right now. Over the past few weeks, Johnny has decided to become the sole owner of Romito's. We have decided to buy Robyn out and make a go of it on our own. This is very exciting as well as scary for our family. Between the two of us we will be working a ton of hours. One of us plans to be there most of the time. But in the end this will be a great thing for our family. We have a ton of ideas to boost our business and look forward to future success. So beginning next Monday, April 27th when you stop into Romito's chances are you will see one of us!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring is finally here!

Can you believe it...?Spring has finally arrived. The girls and I are enjoying all of these beautiful days we are having out in the backyard. We have already been to the zoo this year and the girls loved it! Reagan kept say "amnals! Amnals!" And Kennedy was so inquisitive about all the names of the animals. We are looking forward to going to the water park this summer. It opens May 23rd and we cant wait. We are members of Wildwater Kingdom (Old Geauga Lake) and the girls have so much fun there.
So next week is Reagan's Birthday. I cannot believe that my baby will be 2 already. We are getting ready for her party on the 11th. Johnny and I bought her a bike and he put it together last night. I am so anxious to give it to her. Right after her birthday we are on to Easter!
Johnny and Kennedy began soccer this week. Her team named themselves the Lions. Funny! It is really getting close to her recital for dance too. She got her costumes last week and they are SOOOO adorable. I will be getting her pictures taken soon so I will be sure to post some. Her Preschool days are coming to an end which is so hard for me to believe. We went to her elementary school 2 weeks ago and she met her teachers, saw her class, and even rode a school bus!!! She cant wait!
We are also looking forward to our family vacation this summer. We are going to the OBX with my mom and sister. My mom is turning 50 in June so we decided to take her on a trip. We will spend 7 days in a beatiful beach house relaxing and swimming. Our niece Casse is also coming with us on the trip. The girls are excited shes coming along.
Hope everyone is enjoing the semi warm weather and i'll check in again soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We are still here...

It seems like it's been awhile since I have posted. Not a whole lot is going on in our lives right now. Kennedy is doing very well in PreK this year. She is signed up for Kindergarten in the Fall and we cannot believe how fast the past 4 1/2 years really have gone by. Reagan is growing every day. She is talking more and more and wanting to be independent and do everything by herself. Kennedy is working very hard on learning her dance routines for her recital in June. She will doing tap and ballet performances. She will also be starting her 3rd season of soccer in a few months. As for me, I am staying very busy with my Presidency at Lollipop. The year is quickly coming to an end and there is so much for me to do. Of course the girls are also keeping me on my toes. Johnny is really trying to put some time in at Romito's. With the economy weakening he has to be very mindful to the business. The two of us are also having a lot of fun together lately. We see so many of our friends having difficulties in their marriages and it reminds us that we really need to work to keep ours strong. Now that the girls are getting older it is nice to be able to have our niece, Casse, come over and babysit so we can have time together that isnt always focused around work. As you all know, our family had a difficult 2008 so we are working very hard to to make 2009 one of the best yet!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I was just sitting here reading Abbey's blog (a link from our page). If anyone has not looked at her blog from our page, please take a moment and check it out. She is a 3 year old little girl going thru so much. It makes me think of how lucky I am that we have healthy little girls. Times get tough, but I can't imagine if something happened to my kids. Shelley (Abbey's mom) is so strong and full of faith, it renews mine every time I read. Please pray for the Colbert Family.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped out out during this difficult time. On behalf of the entire Syllaba Family I send a huge thank you. It was so nice tos ee everyone that made it to the funeral services as well as all the flowers and cards we received. Thanks again!!!